Upgraded Carbide Studs and Extreme Carbide Studs

September 7th 2018

Upgraded Carbide Studs and Extreme Carbide Studs,

At Claw Manufacturing, we have recently upgraded our custom made "Carbide Studs" and "Extreme Carbide Studs" for rubber tracks and skid steers. These upgrades to our traction studs will improve your machine’s level of safety which will also improve the safety of its operator. Claw Manufacturing’s studs improve the traction of skid steers, excavators, and more.

Upgrades to the Carbide Studs

On the "Carbide Studs" we have used a 1/8" hard washer, which has enhanced the strength and height of the "Carbide Stud". By enhancing the strength and height of the "Carbide Studs" this will reduce the chances of the washer bending into the studs. The thicker washer will also make the stud taller making it more aggressive.

Upgrades to the Extreme Carbide Studs

With the "Extreme Carbide Studs" we have also added the 1/8" harder washer, for strength and height enhancement. The upgraded "Extreme Carbide Stud" is now tapered. The top part of the stud is smaller and it tapers into a larger base. The taper and larger base give the operator extra traction and wear. The thicker washer will also make the stud taller and make it more aggressive. While you are operating your machine the "Extreme Carbide Stud" will penetrate deep into the surface you are working on. While penetrating deep into the surface your machine’s traction and stability are enhanced along with the safety of the operator.

We are always trying to improve our products by making them stronger and more efficient for equipment operators. We are always thinking of the operator’s safety and ability to operate on steep slopes and unstable ground.

At ClawM we're proud to be providers of traction products that make it safer and more effective to use your track and rubber tire machines in conditions that would normally be dangerous or make your work impossible.

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