Steel Versus Rubber Tracks

December 22nd 2020

Steel Versus Rubber Tracks,

ClawM manufactures traction attachments for steel and rubber tracks on construction, mining, and other heavy equipment. We install studs on many tracks, and our traction attachments increase the traction on both rubber and steel tracks, but there are key differences. While one isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other, how you use your equipment matters.

Steel tracks have been around a lot longer than rubber. They’ve proven their worth, while the technology of rubber tracks continues to evolve. For many people, there is comfort in knowing what works. For others, using current technology is their preference.

Steel or Rubber?

  1. Steel tracks are strong and heavy

  2. It’s ideal for equipment that benefits from a track system with a low center of gravity and can withstand harsh ground conditions.
  3. Rubber tracks have more tread options

  4. While most steel tracks only provide one cleat option – standard crossbar – rubber tracks have four design choices: straight bar tread, multi-bar tread, staggered block tread, and c-lug tread. Rubber is not as strong as steel, but it is more versatile.
  5. Steel has a great linking ability

  6. Steel tracks are a chain of separate links that work together. If one link breaks, it can easily be replaced. If a rubber track snaps, the whole assembly must be changed.
  7. Rubber is cheaper

  8. Initially, rubber tracks are much more cost-effective than steel, but they may not last if steel.
  9. Rubber is more comfortable

  10. If operator comfort is the top priority, rubber tracks have less vibration and shock transfer, so are considered much more comfortable than steel.

Both systems have merit and choosing which one will work best for your business comes down to what you need most – durability or versatility. Durability = steel. Versatility = rubber.

At ClawM, we provide increased traction for whatever type of track system you use. Our patented traction studs provide stability in all directions and increase traction and safety no matter the weather conditions. Mud, deep snow, ice, dirt – they are no match for our studs. At Claw Manufacturing, we sell studs on their own as well as track packages that are a convenient option for busy business owners who don’t have the time to install studs themselves. For track packages, simply give us the dimensions for your track, and we will put together a quote. ClawM studs are manufactured in Canada and shipping is available anywhere throughout Canada and the US. To read more about all the different studs ClawM manufactures, check out our Products page, and for information on track packages, visit our Track Packages page


ClawM was founded by Brad Blackburn after he witnessed firsthand how dangerous it can be operating heavy machinery that is slipping and sliding. He brainstormed and began working on a solution, creating a concept followed by developing a prototype and entering the testing phase. The testing phase was completed with outstanding results and now businesses are reaping the benefits of Brad’s innovation and hard work.


To read more about different attachments, check out all our news and updates on the ClawM Blog, and be sure to reach out with any questions for us or call today for a quote.